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The AG Corps Senior Executive Council (SEC) Visits the AGCRA Sun City Chapter

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By MSG Landsworth “L3” Lafayette, Jr.

The AG Corps Senior Executive Council (SEC) is shown in a panel format discussing relevant things that are affecting the AG Corps with fellow HR Professionals from across the Fort Bliss, TX units and organizations ranging from Companies to our Civilian HR counterparts at the DHR and MPD. Photo by SFC Byron Stewart, NCOLCoE MEOA.

On Tuesday, January 30, 2024, the Sun City Chapter of the Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association (AGCRA), had the unique pleasure of hosting the Adjutant General’s Corps Senior Executive Council (SEC).  The Sun City Chapter is AGCRA's nonprofit organization that was reactivated post-COVID-19 with the mission of bridging the gap with our Human Resources (HR) Professionals at all levels within the Fort Bliss, TX (FBTX) footprint.

CSM Robert T. Atkinson, HRC CSM, presents Coins of Excellence to SFC Joyce Galiki (1AD & DIVARTY MEOA and Treasurer of the Sun City Chapter), SPC Daniela Gonzalez (1AD EPS), and SGT Eddy Acevedo-Gonzalez (1AD EPS). Photo by SFC Bryon A. Stewart, NCOLCoE MEOA.

In the HR realm, networking is especially important as there are multiple echelons for which HR support on any installation is provided (e.g., Company, Battalion, Brigade, Division, Military Personnel Division (MPD), or Directorate of Human Resources (DHR)).

CSM Tamika DeVeaux, AG Corps Regimental CSM, presented Coins of Excellence to SSG William Crumley (currently dual-hatted as the S-1 OIC & NCOIC for 1-67 AR BN), SSG Brenayiah Dawson (Alternate Treasurer, Sun City Chapter), and SGT Katrina Satterlee (FBTX AG Soldier of the Quarter FY24). Photo by MSG Landsworth “L3” Lafayette, Jr., 1AD & FBTX Senior MEOA and Senior VP, Sun City Chapter.

The Sun City Chapter aims to bring leaders within the Fort Bliss area to provide Leader Professional Development (LPD) sessions throughout the HR community, addressing issues facing our various units, the continued refinement of the Army’s HR weapon system known as the Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army (IPPS-A), talent alignment, evaluation boards, mentorship, certifications offered through the U.S. Army Soldier Support Institute, and the state of the Adjutant General's Corps.

The LPD was moderated by SGM Jamila Allen of the 32d AAMDC G-1.  The audience fielded questions to the AG SEC from evaluations, talent alignment, and concerns with IPPS-A, to mentorship and credentialing.

SGM Christopher “Smoke” Stevens, Army G1 SGM, presented Commanders of Excellence certificates to Mr. Francis Ward (FBTX MPD), Mrs. LaTanya Jackson (FBTX MPD), and Mr. Paul Ewing (32d AAMDC). Photo by MSG Landsworth “L3” Lafayette, Jr., 1AD & FBTX Senior MEOA and Senior VP, Sun City Chapter.

Commanders’ Coins of Excellence were awarded to various HR Professionals across Fort Bliss as a token of appreciation and gratitude for a job well done by the AG SEC.  Amongst those awarded Coins of Excellence were: Mr. Jerry Elliot (Chief POB, MPD), Mr. Francis Ward (Chief, Movement Branch, MPD), Mrs. LaTanya Jackson (HR Specialist, MPD), Mr. Paul Ewing (Chief EPS, 32d AAMDC), CW3 Carlos Vega (32d AAMDC), CW2 Luis Pellotmora (3/1 ABCT), SFC Joyce Galiki (HHBn, 1AD), SSG William Crumley (1-67 AR BN), SSG Brenayiah Dawson (178 HR Co), SGT Eddy Acevedo-Gonzalez (1AD EPS), SGT Katrina Satterlee (FBTX AG SOY, 32D AAMDC), CPL Christopher Alexander (1AD EPS), and SPC Daniela Gonzalez (1AD EPS).

Group Photo with the AG SEC from left to right: SGM Christopher “Smoke” Stevens (Army G-1 SGM), CSM Tamika L. DeVeaux (AG Regimental CSM), SGM Kenyatta “KG” Gaskins (Assistant Secretary of the Army-Manpower and Reserve Affairs SGM), SGM Jamila L. Allen (32D Army, Air & Missile Defense Command G-1 SGM), SGM Jonathan A. Uribe-Huitron (Director of Military Personnel Management SGM), MSG Landsworth “L3” Lafayette, Jr. (1st Armored Division and FBTX Senior Military Equal Opportunity Advisor & Senior Vice President, AGCRA Sun City Chapter), SGM Francine Chapman (United States Army Europe-Africa G-1 SGM), SGM Javier Solivan-Rodriguez (Training and Doctrine Command G-1 SGM), SGM Eva M. Commons (Forces Commander G-1 SGM), SGM Michael Jackson (Talent Alignment Development Directorate SGM), CSM Justin E. Turner (U.S. Army Soldier Support Institute CSM), SGT Katrina Satterlee (FBTX Adjutant General Soldier of the Quarter), SGM Paul J. Smith (Functional Management Division SGM), SGM Melanie Williams (Sergeant Major Management Division Assignment SGM), SGM Ivan Martinez (Force Shaping Directorate SGM), SGM Paola M. De La Rosa-Lloret (NCOLCoE Department of Curriculum Development SGM and Adjutant, National Executive Council, AGCRA), SGM Vyacheslav Ribalnik (1st Armored Division and FBTX G-1 SGM), CSM Vanessa E. Sun (369th AG BN CSM), CSM Robert H. Atkinson (Human Resources Command CSM), and SGM Mark E. Biggins (Army Material Command SGM). Photo by MSG Keon Norris, 3/1 ABCT Senior Human Resources NCO.
Bob Ortiz

Bob Ortiz

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