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AGCRA Membership – Did You Know?

AGCRA Membership – Did You Know?

Robert Ortiz-Abreu, Jr.Robert Ortiz-Abreu, Jr.

Robert Ortiz-Abreu, Jr.

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AGCRA Teammates,

Time for another “Did You Know” from the AGCRA.

Did you know the cost for an AGCRA membership is $2.50 or less a month for either a Standard or Junior two- and four-year membership.

To put this in perspective, this is less than the cost of one regular value meal at any popular fast food restaurant across America. It is less than the cost of one standard size pizza.

The average retail prices for basic food staples according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics follow (prices are much higher in various OCONUS locations):

Box of Cereal – $3.27
Loaf of Bread – $2.50
Eggs, Large, One Dozen – $4.82
Ground 100% Beef (Chuck) per Pound – $4.64
One Pound of Chocolate Chip Cookies – $5.08
Chicken Breast Boneless per Pound – $4.38
Milk, Whole, One Gallon – $4.02
Ice cream prepackaged Half-Gallon – $5.80
Potato Chips per 16 oz. – $6.23
Coffee 100% Ground per Pound – $6.38
Orange Juice, Frozen Concentrate per 16 oz. – $2.82

The average energy costs (again from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), will vary depending where you live and buy fuel:

One Gallon of Unleaded Gas – $3.42.
One Gallon Diesel Fuel – $4.68.

Did You Know?

AG Balls and Chapter Breakfasts & Luncheons are sponsored by the AGCRA. These events provide the greatest benefit of all by providing opportunities for AG/HR professionals to come together as part of the respective local AG/HR Community at Large to share, laugh, reunite, and learn from other AG/HR professionals. Arguably, it would be difficult to put a price on this.

The cost of an AGCRA membership is not much and it is kept this way by design to benefit our members. All AGCRA members and AG/HR professional nonmembers need to know this, SO PLEASE PASS THE WORD.

Membership at a cost less than a fast food value meal is worth the lifelong gains of connecting and staying connected with fellow AG/HR professionals. We need you to tell our story and bring fellow AG/HR professionals into the AGCRA, it will be worth it.

Shields Up! Defend and Serve!

Rob Manning, AG Soldier for Life!