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AGCRA Lone Star Chapter Receives Cavazos Community Thrift Shop Grant

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The Cavazos Community Thrift Shop (CCTS), a pivotal charitable establishment in the Fort Cavazos region, recently awarded a significant community grant to the Lone Star Chapter of the Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association (AGCRA). This notable contribution highlights CCTS’s commitment to supporting local organizations that play a crucial role in enhancing community welfare.

Originally known as the Fort Hood Area Thrift Shop, CCTS has long been a cornerstone in the community, raising funds through the sale of both consigned and donated items. The revenue generated from these sales is directed back into the local area through their Community Grants program, which aims to empower local organizations and initiatives.

AGCRA Lone Star Chapter Officers CW4 Alex Pinckney and Ms. Linda Wright (right) accept a grant from Ms. Kristi Nix, Director of the Cavazos Community Thrift Shop.

The AGCRA Lone Star Chapter, renowned for its dedication to serving and supporting Army Human Resource (HR) professionals, has stood out as a beacon of leadership and educational advancement within the Fort Cavazos military community. The grant from CCTS will assist the Chapter in continuing its mission to provide training, leadership development, and support to Army HR professionals and HR professionals at all echelons of the Army structure.

“The CCTS grant will significantly enhance our ability to conduct comprehensive training programs and support services tailored specifically for Army HR professionals,” remarked CW4 Alex Pinckney, the Lone Star Chapter President. “This funding not only supports our ongoing projects but also enables us to extend our reach to more members within the community, fostering a stronger, more knowledgeable network of Army HR leaders.”

CCTS and the Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association partnership exemplifies a shared vision of community support and development. Through such collaborations, CCTS continues to make a profound impact, not just economically through its thrift shop operations but also socially, as it aids in the growth and development of vital community sectors like the military.

The community grant provided to the Lone Star Chapter is expected to bring about new opportunities for both current and aspiring HR professionals, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet the challenges and demands of their roles. This initiative is a testament to CCTS’s role as a community leader, reinforcing its motto of “giving back to enhance community strength.”

For more information on the Cavazos Community Thrift Shop and its Community Grants program, or to learn how to contribute or apply for a grant, interested parties are encouraged to visit the CCTS facility or explore their resources online. This grant is a financial boost for the Lone Star Chapter and a symbol of CCTS's unwavering support for the military and its adjacent communities.

Bob Ortiz

Bob Ortiz

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